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Rio Bank newsletter, media and community involvement to keep you up to date on the latest happenings. 

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Rio Bank - Financial Literacy 



How Investments in the “Community” are Paying Dividends

As Omar Rodriguez, Senior Executive Vice President for Operations in the McAllen headquarters explains, the bank recognizes that many households in the communities it serves have not been formally exposed to the fundamentals of personal finance. “Our goal is simply to educate the community,” he says.

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Financial Literacy For Organizations Program

We are helping our community make informed financial choices for a better future

Rio Bank is committed to helping our community grow. One way to achieve this is to reach the communities where we live, support our local schools and provide much-needed financial education based on real-world experiences.

If Financial Literacy is a good fit for your organization, Rio Bank is now open to any Financial Literacy service requests.








Rio Bank - Community Involvement







Ring a Bell to provide a better Christmas for hundreds in the Upper Valley the Army serves

Rio Bank was honored to partner with the Salvation Army and help bring Christmas cheer to those in need. 





Provide happiness, and hope to less fortunate children during each Christmas holiday season

Rio Bank was proud to partner with U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and their Toys for Tots program. Toys for Tots provides support year-round to less fortunate families experiencing challenges and exceptional circumstances, thus sending a message of hope beyond the holiday season.















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Rio Bank Headquarters Building


Rio Bank has been growing steadily over the last Thirty Five years and we are excited to announce our new Rio Bank Corporate Headquarters in McAllen is now open for business. Our 115,000 square foot office building is a Class A Plus facility with tenant space as well as our bank. Rio Bank will occupy the first floor, second floor and the sixth floor. 


High visibility location with easy access to all parts of the Rio Grande Valley via Expressway 83. Adjacent to the high-end Newport Landing subdivision and minutes from Historic downtown McAllen and the McAllen Country Club/Country Club Terrace via Jackson Ave and McColl Rd. Additionally, Rio Bank Building is 5 minutes from the McAllen airport. The property is also in close proximity to McAllen Heart Hospital and Rio Grande Regional Hospital, both a part of the McAllen Medical Center.


Office Space for Lease ∼ 115,086 SF available ∼ New Class A+ Office Development

  • Lease Rate: $24.50 Sf/Yr (NNN)
  • Parking Ratio: 3.5/1000, surface
  • Number of Floors: 6
  • Energy Star Certified

Headquarters Lease Brochure

Rio Bank Keeps Your Deposits Secure and Local

Message from CEO and President

March 17, 2023

To the Customers and Communities Rio Bank serves,

There has been a significant amount of discussion this week regarding the soundness of our nation’s banking industry. What happened to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California and to Signature Bank in New York was unfortunate. We always feel sorry for businesses that fail. We sympathize with their shareholders and customers. The failure of these two banks is largely the result of some poor business decisions made by their management teams that exposed them to more risk than most banks in our country.

We are reaching out to you today because the media seems intent on trying to make these two bank failures a national crisis in the banking system and that hysteria seems to be causing concern by some customers.

For over 38 years, Rio Bank has been prudent in its lending practices by monitoring and maintaining strict policy limits in our loan portfolio. We lend to a wide range of industries and collateral types. This is a sensible practice for well-managed banks. On the deposit side of our bank, we are proud of the diversity in our nearly 24,000 accounts of which less than 2% exceed the current FDIC insured limit of $250,000. This core deposit base of Rio Bank remains a true strength of our organization.

Rio Bank just completed an examination by the FDIC and received a very clean examination report. Your bank is on solid ground and there is no reason for any customer of Rio Bank to be concerned about the safety and soundness of their bank. One thing about banks, we are very transparent about our financial conditions. At the end of each quarter, every bank provides a copy of our financial statement and our profit and loss statement to the public. We encourage all depositors to look at the financial statements of the banks that they deposit money in and
assure themselves that the bank they are using is in sound financial condition. This financial information is readily
available at:

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council 

Rio Bank has actually seen an increase in its number of customers during the past week. There seems to be a flight to safety and people see Rio Bank as the well-capitalized bank that it is. The holding company that owns Rio Bank has over $80 million dollars on deposit in Rio Bank and knows that money is safe.

America’s banking system is resilient and remains able to support the economy and communities they serve despite global pandemic, rising inflation, and an unprecedented increase in interest rates. Texas banks are among the strongest in the nation. If Texas was a nation, Texas would have the 9th largest economy in the world. That is why you see so many out of state banks opening offices in Texas.

Know that we, at Rio Bank, take our fiduciary responsibility to our customers very seriously. The business decisions we make are always putting prudence over profits. We are proud of our bank and the strong capital position that we hold. We maintain a strong liquidity position and we want to continue to maintain these sound banking practices not only today, but into the future.

Your Kind of Bank and Your Kind of Bankers.

Ford Sasser III

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Humphreys



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