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Personal Mobile Banking

Accessing your accounts from your mobile device is easy and convenient.

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Mobile App

Rio Bank mobile app is an easy, secure way to bank 24/7

Our mobile app includes several features:

  • View real-time account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Locate a nearby ATM
  • View Check and Deposit Images
  • Make a Mobile Deposit
  • Instant Balance
  • Touch ID
  • Turn your debit card ON/OFF with Manage My Card
  • Setup Notifi™ Real-time Alerts
  • Credit Sense - Get FREE access to your credit score. 
  • Access prior 24 months of bank statements

Download the Mobile App Today!

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Text Banking

You don't need internet access on your phone to take advantage of Mobile Banking.

With text-enabled mobile phone you can:

  • View real-time account balance
  • View recent transaction history
  • Locate a nearby ATM and Branch

Text Alert Codes

Begin a new text message and enter the short code (96924) in the "to" field. Enter your text banking command in the "message" field.

  • Send "BAL" to view all account balances
  • Send "HIST" plus the account nickname to view account transaction history
  • Send "ATM" to locate all Rio Bank ATM locations
  • Send "BRANCH" to locate Rio Bank branch locations
  • Send "HELP" for a list of texting options

Messages and Data rates may apply
To use Mobile Banking, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.

Manage My Card

You can now manage your debit cards directly from your mobile banking app!

Block your debit cards

Turn a debit card ON/OFF. When the card is “OFF” no purchases will be approved except for previously scheduled recurring payments on the account.

Set card limits

  • Transaction limits - The Transaction Amount Limit is the maximum transaction amount that can occur on a card. Once set, any attempted transaction that exceeds the specified amount will be declined.
  • Location limits - The Location Limit option allows you to specify a location radius outside of which the system does not allow transactions and also block international transactions. Note: Location limits apply to in-store transactions and ATM only. The system does not decline online transactions due to location limits, even when you have established limits.
  • Merchant limits - The Merchant Limit option allows you to choose the types of merchant locations where you can use your card.
  • View Spending insights for a clear picture of when and where your purchases were made.
  • Add Travel plans so you can use your card worry-free.
  • Quickly add your card to your device’s digital wallet.
  • Receive transaction alerts, fight fraud, quickly reach support and more!

Mobile Banking Security

Protecting Your Information and Your Assets is a Top Priority

The mobile banking app uses the same 128-bit encryption technology used for online banking. Your identity is verified through multiple factors, account numbers are masked and mobile app sessions are automatically timed-out after ten minutes of inactivity. Also, please know that Rio Bank will never solicit you through the mobile channel for your account credentials, especially your password.

Mobile Security Tips:

Tip 1: Use common "Web" sense

Follow the same best practices you do when browsing the Internet or accessing email from your PC. For example:

  • Don't click on links sent via text or email from people you don't know.
  • Be careful about downloading applications and/or opening files from sites you are not familiar with.

Tip 2: Make your phone more secure

  • Review your phone's user manual to gain a better understanding of what security options are available on your device.
  • Consider additional security software and antivirus solutions.
  • Disabling your Bluetooth connection when it's not in use can prevent attackers from taking advantage of that connection to download malicious code to your device.

Tip 3: Lock your phone

Use the keypad lock or phone lock function on your mobile device when it is not in use. These functions password-protect your device to make it more difficult for someone else to view your information. Also be sure to store your device in a secure location.

Tip 4: Only keep what you need

Regularly delete old text messages, clear your browser history and delete files from your phone. Also, make sure you remove all sensitive information prior to recycling, selling, or giving away your device.

Tip 5: Make sure you know your phone

Keep a record of your phone's make, model and serial number. This information could prove valuable if your device is lost or stolen.

Tip 6: Quickly notify your service provider so your device can be disabled, reducing the risk of your information being accessed

Remove your mobile banking number from your mobile banking profile within Online banking or call customer service at 956-631-7890.

As always, you'll want to monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice anything that concerns you call us right away at 956-631-7890.

Tip 7: Download only from reputable sources

Download mobile apps only from reputable sources to ensure the safety of your personal and account information. We encourage users to download the most recent versions of our apps and keep them updated. Our apps are supported by Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices.

Tip 8: Sign-off when you are done

For your security, sign off when you finish using our Rio Bank Mobile Banking app rather than just closing it.

What if my phone gets lost or stolen?

Nobody wants their phone lost or stolen. But in the rare case that it does, you should know that your mobile banking access is secured.

  • No personal information from your Mobile Banking account is ever stored on the phone. Your password is never stored.
  • Your login session automatically times out after ten (10) minutes of inactivity.

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