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Wealth Management & Trust

At Rio Bank, Wealth Management & Trust is about you – we believe in helping you achieve your financial goals; whether those goals are for your family or business.

Where Relationships Matter

We deliver the kind of personalized service that only a local community bank can offer, drawing upon our staff’s knowledge, dedication and collective expertise to build and protect your wealth and to ensure that your financial wishes are honored over time.

The benefits of a corporate fiduciary are many. Unlike individuals, banks offering trust services require accountability to the bank’s Trust Committee and regulatory supervision, as well as beneficiaries. A corporate fiduciary provides objectivity and this often mitigates family conflicts. A corporate fiduciary provides longevity and continuity when friends and family members are unable or unwilling to serve.

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Timothy A. Sers, J.D.

Senior Vice President / Trust Officer

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Cecilia A. Johnson

Vice President / Trust Officer

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Personal Trusts

As your life changes over time, it is important to ensure that your financial objectives continue to meet your needs. The structures into which you transfer assets will have lasting consequences for you and your family. Succession planning enables a smooth transition to the next generation. It also enables you to minimize potential tax liabilities. We can help you choose appropriate trusts designed to protect your assets and give your family lasting benefits in an uncertain world.

  • Revocable (Living) Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Trusts for Minors
  • Stand-By Trusts

Custodial Accounts

If you prefer to make your own investment decisions, but need assistance with asset custody and administrative support, consider a custodial account with our Trust Services Division. We will provide information, answer questions, execute your instructions, and handle the record keeping.

You can be as involved as you choose to be or leave the details to us.

Investment Management

Prudent management of your assets is vital as you develop a plan to preserve and grow your wealth over time. Our investment team provides conservative and consistent management, while working with you to craft a portfolio that addresses your specific circumstances and needs. Whether it is income, long-term growth and appreciation, or capital preservation, we can create a strategy to help you accomplish your financial goals.

We provide objective, unbiased recommendations that take into account your overall wealth picture. Whatever the type of account you place with us, whether a trust, retirement account, or investment agency - we will strive to consider your personal risk tolerances, time horizon, and tax considerations to create a plan that allows you to sleep at night.

Our role is never to sell you anything; we serve as fiduciary, and we are always first and foremost looking out for your financial best interest. So whether your goal is retirement savings, estate planning, or simply growing your wealth, put our expertise and professional management to work for you.

Administration of Estates

One of the most important matters a person faces is deciding the disposition of his or her estate. After spending a lifetime building the wealth of your family, careful planning is called for to ensure that your assets are transferred in a manner that fulfills your objectives and minimizes costs.

We can help you gain better knowledge of the complexities of the estate probate process and become familiar with the possible impact of Federal Estate Taxes.

With the Bank as Independent Executor of your estate, you can be confident that your plans and wishes will receive the professional and careful attention that they deserve.

Life Insurance Trusts

If you own or are planning to purchase a life insurance policy of a significant amount, ask us about the estate tax implications of owning life insurance. Life insurance trusts can be used to provide for your family’s financial security, while minimizing the cost of Federal Estate Tax.

As trustee of your irrevocable life insurance trust, Rio Bank Wealth Management & Trust ensures that the important and necessary steps are followed each year to safeguard your financial plan.

Individual Retirement Accounts

As custodian of your self-directed IRA, we will execute your investment instructions. Or, if you prefer, we will make the investment decisions on your behalf. In either case, we provide custodial support and record keeping and file the required government reports.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Rio Bank offers services as trustee of qualified retirement plans for corporations, individuals who are self-employed, or professional organizations.

As trustee, Rio Bank Wealth Management & Trust will provide investment management of the assets in your retirement plan.

For more information, please call the Wealth Management & Trust Division at (956) 631-7890.

Notice: Wealth Management & Trust Division Investments include non-deposit investment products which are:

Not Insured by FDIC Not Bank Guaranteed May Decrease in Value Not Bank Deposits
Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency

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