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Debit Cards

Simplify the way you do transactions with one of our many card services that we provide. Shop online or at any point of sale merchant that accepts MasterCard ® with the convenience of a Rio Bank Debit Card.

Rio Bank Debit Card


  • New Contactless Debit Card 
  • 24/7 Fraud monitoring with Premium Text Notifications We continuously watch for unusual and suspicious activity and will alert you about questionable transactions.
  • Rio Bank participates in 3-D Secure for added protection of purchases made online or over the phone.
  • Block your debit card, set transaction amount, location and merchant limits through the Manage My Card.
  • Add your Rio Bank Debit Card to your Digital Wallet!
  • Learn more about all the MasterCard Benefits.

Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Debit Card Fraud Detection Call Center

Debit Card Activation or PIN change

Travel Notification

Fraud is a growing threat and a serious business. Certain countries and states may be excluded from POS signature transaction due to either fraud protection or to align with certain federal guidelines and restrictions. For your protection, only PIN-based transactions (no signatures) will be allowed using your card for certain transaction activity. If you're traveling or making a POS purchase at an excluded country or state, you may be blocked. Contact a personal banker at 956-631-7890 and request a Travel Notification to be placed on your debit card to allow signature-based transactions.

Badge AllpointFree yourself from ATM Fees.

Rio Bank has partnered with Allpoint® to provide customers with Surcharge-free access to their cash at over 55,000 ATMs worldwide. Look for the green Allpoint logo on ATMs at participating locations.

Visit our Locations page to find an ATM near you.

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Need a debit card today? Visit us to get an instant issue debit card for your new or current checking account.

Premium Text Notifications

Premium text notifications are a new feature to our Fraud Monitoring*.

If our system detects suspicious activity on your card, you’ll receive a text message from short code 37268 with details about the suspected transaction. All you have to do is respond to the text to confirm the transaction.

If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you’ll receive another message with a number to call for follow-up. If not, you’re all set. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate and you can get on with your day – simple as that!

Cardholders are automatically enrolled. If we have your mobile phone number on file, you don’t have to do anything. It’s really that easy.

If you need to verify or update your mobile phone number give us a call at (956) 631-7890.


Contactless Debit Card

Simply... Look for the contactless symbol, Tap and Go.

Contactless Debit Card.

Find the Contactless Symbol at check out. 

Check out faster with your new Rio Bank Contactless Debit Card. That means you can now tap and go at any contactless enabled terminal without your card leaving your hand. With millions of participating merchants, paying for items just got a lot less painless.

Digital Wallet

Make fast and secure payments right from your mobile device!

Digital Wallet is a secure mobile payment service that makes it easy to pay in stores, in apps, or on the web right from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch!

Digital Wallet Video

EMV Chip technology!

Insert or swipe.

EMV is a global standard for debit card payments based on chip card technology. Accepted by most merchants and terminals worldwide ensuring you can use your debit card conveniently wherever you travel.

MasterCard® Automatic Billing Updater

MasterCard® Automatic Billing Updater Service will ensure your debit card information is always current for automated and recurring payments you have set up with participating merchants and service providers. Avoid the inconvenience of expired card information and late payments for:

  • Phone/cable/television services
  • Utilities
  • HOA dues
  • Music/radio/magazine subscriptions
  • Gym memberships
  • Anti-virus software updates
  • Insurance premiums
  • Recurring charitable donations
  • Online retailers

Additional Safety Tips to Stay Secure

Security of your card and PIN number

To protect you and your card and avoid unauthorized use, remember these safety tips:

  • Please sign your card upon receipt.
  • Destroy your old card when it expires or when your new card becomes effective.
  • Memorize your PIN. Do NOT write it on the back of your card or keep it with you.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • Keep a written record of your PIN entirely separate from your Card.
  • Keep your Card in a safe place.
  • Remember to pick up your ATM receipts before leaving the ATM.
  • Safeguard your account number. Always obtain merchant receipts and destroy carbons

Refuse Telephone Inquiries

  • Do not reveal any information about your Card over the phone.
  • Verification of your Card account(s) and PIN should only take place in person at your financial institution.
  • If you receive a call about your Card, contact your financial institution immediately and we will suggest the next course of action.

Report Theft or Loss Immediately

  • Call 1-956-631-7890 to report a card lost or stolen. During non-business hours, you may also call 1-800-472-3272.
  • The non-business hour’s telephone number noted above is typically used only for reporting the card lost or stolen.

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